Version 5.0 
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If you have Windows 7 64-bits with 4 cores (not logical cores) and at least 8 GB memory, click here.
GambitVB Software on Windows
Free download: The GambitVB program
  • GambitVB knows the rules of chess and plays chess against you.
  • GambitVB uses a chess clock and allows you to choose the settings.
  • GambitVB allows you to choose the openings variation you wish to play.
  • Your played games are saved, can be reviewed, and can be restarted from any point.
Free download: The Book Manager
  • Allows you to edit GambitVB's openings book.
  • Not easy, but you can.
Free download: The source code
  • Interesting for those who would like to write their own chess program.
GambitVB Documents
Free download: The Chess User Guide
  • It is really easy.
Free download: The Book Manager Guide
  • Not so easy, you have to be an openings book lover.
Free download: The Developer Guide
  • Guides you through the source code.
  • Essential, if you want to understand GambitVB under the hood.
  • You need some knowledge about the languages C++ and VB.Net.